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DUI Penalties

As your attorney we will seek to minimize the following potential penalties in your case and attempt to retain your drivers license:

1. First Colorado DUI - no priors

Penalties change almost yearly and can currently be found in Colorado Revised Statutes 42-4-1207.  The Court must impose jail however, the judge may suspend all or part of the sentence if you complete an alcohol treatment program. The Court must also impose useful public service, fines and court costs that usually exceed $400. The DMV will assess twelve points on your driving record, attempt to revoke your license, and assess a habitual strike against your driving record.

2. Colorado DUI with prior alcohol offense or test exceeding .20

The penalties increase if you have a prior alcohol offense or take a test that exceeds .20. Generally, and most importantly, jail may become mandatory, the maximum fine may increase, useful public service may increase and court costs will usually exceed $400. In addition the DMV will assess a second habitual strike against your driving record and attempt to suspend your license.

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