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Step Parent Adoptions

In a step parent adoption, a step parent is seeking to adopt a step child and terminate the rights of the non-custodial birth parent.


A step parent adoption is of course limited to a step parent of the child.

Normally, the step parent must been married to the birth parent for one or more years.

The custodial birth parent must give his or her consent to the adoption.

Attempts must be made to locate and give notice to the non-custodial birth parent (the parent whose rights you are trying to terminate).

The court must find that the step parent would be an appropriate parent of the child and that it is in the child's best interests to approve the adoption.

Other restrictions exist. This is not a comprehensive list and we suggest that you contact an attorney to confirm that you are eligible to adopt.


The child must be legally available to be adopted.

One circumstance in which a step parent can terminate the parental rights of the parents and make the child available for an adoption is the following: The non-custodial birth parent must have, without cause, abandoned the child or failed to financially support the child for a period of one year or more.


A step parent adoption, if timed correctly, can be accomplished in approximately 3 months. However it may take longer in certain situations.


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